Christmas Cocktail Masterclass in Cambridge

Try an alternative Christmas Event by putting your hand to making cocktails in a Christmas Cocktail Masterclass at one of our carefully selected venues in Cambridge. These mixology classes are serious business — a variety of cocktails of your choice, learn from the master himself, then step into his place and show your friends how you make the best cocktail in the world. It’s fun and you’ll return home with lots of new party tricks to surprise your guests with Christmas!


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About our Christmas Cocktail Masterclass

Our Christmas Cocktail Masterclasses are a fun way to learn to make cocktails with your team, group of friends or colleagues. Just like you, we love a good cocktail, but only if it is well mixed and prepared. At our Cocktail Masterclasses, we only use premium ingredients to ensure you will have a top-notch cocktail! The Cocktail Masterclasses feature a variety of cocktails of your choice – you will learn from the master himself, then step into his place and show your friends how you make the best cocktail in the world. It’s fun and it definitely will get your team getting active.

Five ways with Cocktails



No.1 Just Cocktails

This Christmas Cocktail Masterclass is all about different flavours. Our mixologist spices the cocktails with bespoke herbs, spices, fruit and beans showcasing the best of botanical ingredients using homemade syrups, shrubs and tinctures. You can look forward to cocktails influenced by the season. More 

chocolate and cocktail masterclass

No.2 Chocolate and Cocktails

The Christmas Cocktail Masterclass kicks off with a chocolate tasting and making in the city centre of Cambridge. Under the guidance of a professional chocolatier, your group will learn everything there is to know about chocolate making, participate in making it themselves and then enjoy eating it. After this sweet indulgence, it is time to put your hand to making cocktails in a Masterclass at one of the top venues in Cambridge. More

Introduction to Macarons

No.3 Macarons and Cocktails

The Christmas Cocktail Masterclass starts off with a Macaron Masterclass, which is partly demonstration and hands-on. Our French patissier will show you how to make the perfect macaron whilst you sip a glass of sparkling wine and sample a variety of macarons. Once the macarons are ready to be filled, you will have the chance to fill and finish the macarons. After these delicious sweet treats, it is time to put your hand to make a variety of cocktails of your choice. More

No.4 The Classic Food Tour

What can you expect? A fun walking tour with our sister company the Cambridge Food Tour, filled with delicious local and international food as well as interesting stories about food, the food scene, and Cambridge. Our Classic Food tour is actually not that Classic at all! We’ll kick off at an inspirational espresso bar, cocktail bar and kitchen with a coffee tasting.  The first coffee is the newest coffee rage, the ’Nitro Cold Brew’ created by local coffee roasters, our second one is a deliciously spiced latte and number three is a smooth Espresso Martini. More information

Cambrigde Food Tour Gin Tour

No.5 Gin O’Clock Food tour

Join our sister company the Cambridge Food Tour, on a 3-hour, scenic, relaxed walking tour through Cambridge to taste a fine local Gin, sip on a Gin cocktail at a trendy Liquor loft and finish with a tasting of 4 Gins. The final Gin is quite unique in production, method and flavour. Perfect to pair with a fine Tapas dessert created by our favourite local Spanish chef at one of the top watering holes in Cambridge. More information

Not quite what you are looking for?

Do you like the sound of one of the Christmas Cocktail Masterclasses above, but would like to run it during a different time of the day or tweak it slightly for a bespoke experience?  Alternatively, we start from scratch and build your Christmas Event around your requirements. Please note, that especially December is a very busy month so to avoid disappointment we recommend to contact us well in time to avoid disappointment. Start creating your bespoke experience contact us by email or give us a call.


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