Sherry and Tapas Masterclass in Cambridge

Tapas is a real social event in Spain. It’s the way to meet friends. Most of the houses are small in the Spanish cities so they have to go out to meet their friends. The Spanish hop from bar to bar and not just randomly. They know where their friends hang out as they tend to go to the bar, which serves their favourite Tapas. It is a misconception, that the best Tapas are displayed on the bar. These days, the finest ones you have to order. Of course you can spot some excellent ones on display on the bars too, but don’t forget to check out the menu and try some of their specials too.

An Introduction To Sherry And Spanish Tapas

Did you know, that the original tapas were slices of bread or meat to cover a glass of beer or wine in Spain between sips to prevent fruit flies from hovering over the sweet sherry. Bartenders then began creating different types of snacks with the sherry, which was good for their sherry sales too. This time of the year, there are no fruit flies around so we will not resort to these type of tapas.

There is a huge misunderstanding about the word ‘Tapas’. Many people think it’s just bite size food. I think images from the many Tapas bars in Spain don’t help as the focus of these images is most of the time on small snacks, but Tapas are a lot more than that. Tapas can be anything from a snack, canapé, finger food or starter like dishes and come in many different forms and shapes. They can vary from town to town and are called ‘Pinchos’ in San Sebastian.

If you are looking to master the technique how to create Tapas, you might be interested in one of our Tapas Masterclasses . We will teach you all there is to know to create delicious Tapas. However we only do this for private parties. The minimum number is 12.

Bone dry Sherry or sweet Sherry - perfect match with food

Sherry and Tapas Masterclass

You can look forward to an introduction to Sherry matched with delicious Spanish tapas and interesting and unexpected combinations.

  • Food and drink pairing
  • £ 39.50 p.p.
  • Price based on min. of 12 guests
  • Max. 20 guests
  • 1 hour
  • 5 Sherries
  • 5 Tapas
  • City centre of Cambridge or on location

More information: give us a call or send us an email.

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Gerla de Boer

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