About our Chocolate Tasting Experiences in Cambridge

Chocolate Tasting is an experience that can be shared with colleagues, friends and family in a fun, hands-on environment. Similar to a wine tasting, a chocolate tasting gives you and your guests the opportunity to taste and compare chocolate made with cacao from different parts of the world while learning about craft chocolate and cacao farming and production.

Our chocolate tasting experiences are the perfect event for any occasion. They are appropriate for all ages and occasions, as your guests will try a range of premium chocolate made by small, artisan chocolate makers who specialise in the craft of turning the finest flavoured cacao beans into silky, smooth and scrumptious chocolate. Anyone who loves chocolate will love our chocolate tasting experiences! We only use premium chocolate for our tasting events and not buttons, which are only meant for the production of chocolate.

Premium Chocolate Tasting

Premium Chocolate Tasting – £ 37.50 p.p.

1 hour
Minimum of 20 guests

The Premium Chocolate tasting is great for groups who want to enjoy two hours of chocolate tasting and education. A great overview of the history, cultivation, and production techniques involved in the making of chocolate. Learn the difference between confectionary and ‘fine’ chocolate plus use all five senses to discover flavour. Tasting includes 6 hand made chocolates.

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Chocolate and Drinks Tasting – £ 67.50 p.p.

2 hours
Minimum of 20 guests ( price is per person)

Chocolate is one of the great pleasures in life. In fact, dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health, there’s an even a better excuse to spoil yourself with a piece of chocolate every day! You now can discover interesting flavours and how to match them with a drink. These chocolates are carefully handcrafted by our Chocolatier, who spend time in Indonesia and Costa Rica on Cocoa farms to learn about the chocolate making process.

The Party Chocolate Tasting

The Party Chocolate Tasting – £ 39.50 p.p.

Up to 2 hours
Minimum of 50 guests ( price is per person)

This format is perfect for social events with larger groups. We’ll put a tasting station together with artisan chocolates to taste. We continuously do mini-tastings as guests approach the table, tailored to their level of interest. This event is great for professional organisations holding receptions. The price includes up to 2 hours of our time. We are happy to provide separate pricing for events.

The Chocolate Challenge

The Chocolate Challenge – £ 59.50 p.p.

Up to 2 hours
Minimum of 20 guests ( price is per person)

The perfect icebreaker to get people mingling and most importantly, meeting co-workers. This Chocolate Challenge is an event, which certainly will make the tongues roll. We’ll kick off with full contact Bingo and find others who fit these descriptions, and get Bingo before your co-workers do!

Next on the programme are an introduction to chocolate, blind taste various qualities of chocolate and how to use your five senses to taste chocolate and looking at flavour profiles from six different origins and what does the percentage mean. Finally, what better to finish the challenge, than with a hot cup of chocolate and chocolate ganache?

Price includes VAT


Looking for a Chocolate Walking tour?

Are you a lover of chocolate and looking for a food walking tour with the focus on chocolate?  We could start our food tour at one of the iconic foodie haunts in Cambridge – Fitzbillies. From here we will make our way through the historic centre to Mill Road, the Bricklane of Cambridge, where a seductive wine and chocolate tasting and therapy will await you. After all these ‘exhausting’ actives you might want finish your day in Cambridge drifting along the famous Backs in a chauffeured punt.

What is included?

  • Chocolate tasting
  • Excludes bookings fee
  • Venue hire
  • Only for private parties
  • Minimum numbers apply
  • Run by a professional Chocolatier
  • Dedicated member of our team

Design your own

Create your own

Our strength is in creating customised tasting events tailored to meet the particular needs of a client for team building events, dinner parties, professional receptions, birthday parties, and other celebrations. We can also design a chocolate tasting that complements a particular theme or interest.

A few ideas:

  • Chocolate containing cacao from certain countries or regions
  • Chocolate makers from particular countries
  • Chocolate makers focused on fair trade and sustainability
  • Chocolate with particular flavour profiles (fruity, earthy, floral)
  • All dark, milk or white chocolate
  • Chocolate paired with beer, port, tea, whisky or wine

Depending on event


From £ 37.50 per person


Based on min. number or fixed price calculated on min. number


From 1.5 hour


We only use premium handcrafted chocolate for our tasting events


Away from the office or at your premises

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