About our Food and Drink pairings in Cambridge

Everyone has their own favourites when it comes to washing down food, whether it’s that ice cold bottle of designer beer with your Scotch egg, a frosty glass of soda to go with your pepperoni pizza, or the classic Early Grey tea and scones.

Selecting drinks that complement a dish can bring out subtle elements of flavour that you didn’t even know existed. But how do know what to match togethert? The trick is in identifying the key flavours in your food and pairing it with those of the liquid partner. We, here at F&D events, are well-known for adventurous food and drink pairings. Since they emerged as one of the highlights of our food walking tours, we decided to create a few more. Our Masterclasses can be booked as a stand alone event or as part of a food tour or another food experience.

Sherry and Tapas Masterclass

Sherry and Tapas Masterclass – £ 39.50 p.p. + VAT

1 hour
Min. 12 – max 20 guests

There is a huge misunderstanding about the word ‘tapas’. Many people think it’s just bite size food. Tapas are snacks, canapés or finger food and come in many different forms and shapes. They can vary from town to town and for example, in the Basque country, where they originate, are called ‘Pinchos’.

  • Price based on 20 participants
  • 5 types of Sherry
  • 5 tapas
  • Price based on day-time event
Food and Drink Events chocolate jpeg

Chocolate and Drinks Tasting – £ 47.50 p.p. + VAT

1.5 hour
Minimum of 20 guests

Chocolate is one of the great pleasures in life. In fact, dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health, there’s an even a better excuse to spoil yourself with a piece of chocolate every day! You now can discover interesting flavours and how to match them with a drink. These chocolates are carefully handcrafted by our Chocolatier, who spend time in Indonesia and Costa Rica on Cocoa farms to learn about the chocolate making process.

  • Price based on 20 participants
  • 9 hand-made chocolates + pairing drinks
  • Drinks ranging from Sherry, Wine, Beer to Sparkling wine
  • A day-time event during the week, expert-led
  • Please contact us for evening events
Food and drink events Gin tasting

Gin and Tapas Masterclass – £ 39.50 p.p. + VAT

1 hour
Min. 12 – max. 30 guests

Gin goes a long way back. It has been said, that the Dutch created the first Gin or also known as Jenever. Gin has evolved over the course of a millennium from a herbal medicine to an object of commerce in the spirits industry. Gin was developed on the basis of Jenever and became widely popular in Great Britain when William of Orange, leader of the Dutch Republic, occupied the British throne with his wife Mary. On this Masterclass, you can look forward to an introduction to Gin matched with delicious tapas.

  • Price based on 20 participants
  • 5 Gins
  • 5 Tapas
  • Day-time event, expert-led
  • Please contact us for evening events
Food and drink events beer tasting jpeg

Beer and Food Pairing Masterclass – £ 45 p.p. + VAT

1 hour
Min. 12 – max 16 guests

Let us take your taste buds on an exploration. We, at HQ, love a good pint of Craft beer. Especially when it is paired with amazing local food. The diversity of Craft Beer offers so much potential. Our beer expert will take you through 6 different types of Craft Beer and we’ll have the food to match.

  • Price based on min. of 16 guests
  • 6 thirds of a pint
  • Locally sourced produce
  • Short Beer tasting ( 3 Thirds) £ 30 p.p.
  • Private room and expert-led from 6 pm
Cheese Masterclass with a twist

Cheese Masterclass with a twist – £ 27.50 p.p. + VAT

45 minutes
Min. 10 – max. 40 guests

Whether it’s creamy and fresh or smelly and with a hint of blue,  we love cheese at the Cambridge Food Tour. We like to think outside the box and our Cheese and English tipples pairing is often spoken about. It is not something you will come across elsewhere as it has been created by our head foodie, Gerla.

  • Price based on 15 participants
  • 4 British Cheeses
  • 4 English tipples
  • Day-time event, expert-led
  • Please contact us for evening events
  • Perfect for part of  Food Walking Tour
Wine and Cheese tasting

Wine and Cheese tasting – £30 p.p.+ VAT

1.5 to 2 hours
Min. 10 – max 40 guests

Let us take you on a journey of white, red, sparkling and dessert wine paired with delicious locally produced cheeses. Keen to add locally produced charcuterie? We can add that too.

  • Price based on 30 participants
  • 4 wines
  • British cheeses
  • a day-time event, expert-led
  • Please contact us for evening events
  • Price for £ 10 participants – £ 49.50 p.p.
  • Price for premium wines – £ 32.50 for 30 participants

A few more suggestions

Whisky and Cheese tasting – £ 35 p.p.

We know what you’re thinking – whisky and cheese? Don’t worry, you’ll be amazed how both compliment each other. Don’t like cheese or not keen to have it with your whisky? No worries, we can leave it out.

  • 1 hour
  • Minimum of 12 guests

More information: give us a call or send us an email.

Chocolate and Wine Masterclass – £ 45 p.p.

This Masterclass is an introduction to chocolate. We will match distinct flavoured chocolates with carefully selected wines. You can look forward to a fine selection of subtle, creamy delicate white chocolates and the lively bold tones of various dark chocolate. This Masterclass is a tutoring by a wine expert and a chocolatier.

  • 1 hour
  • Min. 15 – max. 20 guests

More information: give us a call or send us an email.

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