Team Building Chocolate Experiences In Cambridge

Discover the power of food! Whether you want a full day event or simply a 1-hour icebreaker or breakaway session, we have the perfect food experience to suit your requirements for team building in Cambridge! Food brings people together, it’s a great and fun way to strengthen team bonds.

Cambridge offers a huge array of local food and drink and, through the Cambridge Food tour, a very interesting range of food tours and events. If what you’re looking for doesn’t exist yet, we are always happy to use our close links to local businesses to create it for you. The Cambridge Food Tour has a different approach to food experiences – we like to offer something different from the usual ones and always think outside the box.

Below you can find some inspiration, but our strength is creating unique events around your requirements, favourite food, drinks and preferred activities.

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Chocolate and Drinks Tasting – £ 47.50 p.p.

2 hours
Minimum of 20 guests ( price is per person)

Chocolate is one of the great pleasures in life. In fact, dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health, there’s an even a better excuse to spoil yourself with a piece of chocolate every day! You now can discover interesting flavours and how to match them with a drink. These chocolates are carefully handcrafted by our Chocolatier, who spend time in Indonesia and Costa Rica on Cocoa farms to learn about the chocolate making process.

chocolate and cocktail masterclass

Chocolate & Cocktail Masterclass – £ 85.00 p.p.

3 hours
Min. 12 – max .25 guests ( price is per person)

The Masterclass kicks off with a chocolate tasting and making in the city centre of Cambridge. Under the guidance of a professional chocolatier, your group will learn everything there is to know about chocolate making, participate in making it themselves and then enjoy eating it. After this sweet indulgence, it is time to put your hand to making cocktails in a Masterclass at one of the top venues in Cambridge.

This Masterclass is based on our Short Chocolate Masterclass. Looking for a more in-depth Masterclass? We can add a Cocktail Masterclass to any of our Chocolate Masterclasses. 

chocolate team building masterclass

Chocolate Team Building – £ 85.00 p.p.

2.5 – 3 hours
Minimum of 10 guests ( price is per person)

We will not pull Lord Sugar into this team challenge, but we can assure you that the tension will be just as high as in his boardroom! Your team are the candidates and compete against each other!

Which tasks will the entrepreneurs have to endure?

  • Dipping chocolates ( praline and transfers and textured sheets)
  • Make your their Ganache and then make truffles to dip them
  • Make a slab to make a new logo for their business
  • Create a brand, the products and the chocolates
  • Work on a business plan
  • Create packaging
  • Presentation to a board for feedback
  • Decide on winning team

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